Year 7

Enrolment applications for Year 7 are due at the end of May each year. All primary schools in our region are notified of our dates in Term 1 and invitations are sent for them to participate in this transition process.

For families applying for Year 7 placements we require you to:

  1. Lodge an enrolment application by the end of May
  2. Attend an enrolment discussion with the Principal or a member of the Leadership Team
  3. Provide copies of recent reports, NAPLAN results and the child’s Birth Certificate
  4. Pay an Enrolment Deposit of $150 on acceptance of the Placement Offer.

Nagle College provides a number of opportunities for families to be informed and involved in the transition from primary to secondary school. These include:

  • Talk and Walk Tours take place either Monday or Thursday mornings at 9.00 am. Tours take approximately 75 minutes and cover all learning areas at the College. They are a great introduction to Nagle College with opportunities to see classes in action. Bookings are required for these tours.
  • Transition Visits are offered to all primary schools in our region and involve staff from our Junior School visiting primary schools to speak to current Year 5 and 6 students about their choices for secondary school. During these visits one or two of our current Year 7 students will accompany staff to their previous primary school to speak about their transition experience.
  • Nagle Expo takes place early in Term 2. All primary schools in our region are invited to send their Year 5 and 6 students to Nagle for a half day of timetabled activities. Transport is provided by Nagle College from the primary school to Nagle and return. The Expo is an excellent opportunity for students to take part in practical classes to get a 'taste' of secondary school.
  • Nagle College Open Night takes place in Term 1. The evening is aimed at past, present and prospective families, offering them a chance to visit the school and see the various learning areas in action. The evening runs from 4:00 to 7:00 pm and includes scheduled information sessions for new families, interactive displays and demonstrations, show bags for Year 6 students, and a whole lot more for the whole family.
  • Enrolment discussions are conducted by our Leadership Team early in Term 3, with Placement Offers sent once these are concluded, usually late July/early August.

Other Year Levels

Nagle College accepts applications for students enrolling in all year levels during the school year, providing we have places available.

For families applying for placements during the school year we require you to:

  1. Contact our Registrar to advise your planned transfer to Nagle College; a College Prospectus will be posted to you;
  2. Lodge an Enrolment application at least two weeks before the expected commencement date; these are part of the Prospectus or can be downloaded from this site;
  3. Attend an enrolment discussion with the Principal or Deputy Principal;
  4. Provide copies of recent reports (all applicants), NAPLAN results (Year 7 or Year 8 applicants), and the child’s Birth Certificate;
  5. Advise your current school that you are transferring your child/ren to Nagle College; they will then organise transfer notes which are sent directly to us.

Students with Medical Concerns

Students who are making application to enrol at Nagle College who tick ‘yes’ to the following Medical Conditions on the enrolment form are asked to obtain and submit the appropriate form (available as a download from the forms page) when lodging their application:

  • Suffers with medically diagnosed Epilepsy/Seizures, Diabetes, Asthma, Allergies (of any type, eg food, medications, stings, grasses, etc);
  • Is Anaphylactic;
  • Is taking prescribed medicines for a diagnosed condition.

These forms are a legal requirement and enable us to correctly assist with the management of the medical concern. All information is kept strictly confidential.

Ms Rhonda Lawrance, Registrar

For further information on enrolments at Nagle College and to book for tours, please contact:
Ms Rhonda Lawrance | Registrar
D: (03) 5152 9928 | F: (03) 5152 6220 | E: registrar@nagle.vic.edu.au