22nd November 2018

$20 Boss Gives Back

All VCAL students have been involved in the $20 Boss program. The program was developed by the Foundation for Young Australians (FYA) and the National Australia Bank, students received $20 start-up money to create their own business.  At the end of the program, students paid back the start-up money, plus a $1 legacy payment. The program allowed the VCAL students to engage in an immersive experience at school which encouraged their entrepreneurial spirit. Students completed the theoretical component of the program and then developed a product. As a group students worked as a team in organizing a market to sell their products. Students sold approximately $900 worth of goods. With the profit students funded a youth homelessness community project.

As part of the VCAL program students have been looking at youth homelessness in our local community.  With the profit from the sales, students decided to make up emergency packs. Student’s researched essential items needed in an emergency, priced the products, planned an excursion to purchase the goods and then packed the products. Emergency packs contained a wide range of essential toiletries, a polar blanket which was packed in a back pack. Students raised enough money to donate 10 emergency packs to a local organization who will distribute to those in need.