5th June 2017

20 Years On

The Class of 1997 held their 20 Year Reunion on Saturday 20 May, with a large number returning to Bairnsdale for the gathering.

A small group visited the College during the afternoon for a tour with Ms Lawrance, who was delighted to welcome them back and show them the many changes that have taken place during the past 20 years. Mr Geoff Neeson also attended for part of this tour and had a great time catching up on the various career paths and life choices taken over the years.

The formal part of the reunion took place at the Wy Yung Pub with over 50 attendees. It was a great time enjoyed by everyone, and organisers were delighted by the effort many people had made to attend. People had travelled from overseas, interstate and across the state to enjoy the company of those they had shared their secondary journey with 20 years ago.