18th December 2019

2019 Nagle College Dux

Nagle College are pleased to commend our 2019 Year 12 students on their achievements and successful completion of their secondary education.  The outcomes for students were impressive for the 76 students studying the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) and the 32 students studying the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL).  Students successfully completed these certificates and gained recognition for their work and effort.  The 2019 Year 12 students are now looking forward to moving towards the next chapter of life and taking opportunities giving them access to a wide range of options.

The principal of Nagle College, Mr Neville Powles said that it was particularly pleasing that the cohort of students got a higher average Australian Tertiary Admissions Rank (ATAR) than in more recent years. 16% of students got an ATAR above 80.

The higher scores were backed up by the whole student population with 74% achieving an ATAR over 50.

The College is always looking to improve student performances and give them every opportunity to achieve as well as they possibly can. Nagle College students have a strong track record of forging successful pathways in further education, training and employment once they finish secondary schooling – and the 2019 group can look forward confidently to taking up opportunities to secure their future options.

Kelsey Cuttriss was congratulated on being the dux of Nagle College for 2019.  She achieved an Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) of 96 which is our highest score in recent years. Kelsey is looking forward to an exciting and busy 2020.  She has accepted a position at ADFA where she will undertake a Science degree alongside her military training.

Four students obtained the International Baccalaureate with their high scores acknowledging both personal and academic achievement. We congratulate Matilda Alvin, Rachael Butler, Roni Corby and Gabriella Lightowler.

It was pleasing to see students achieving study scores over 40 across a range of subjects. These subjects included English, Outdoor and Environmental Studies, History Revolutions, Visual Communication Design, Psychology, Religion and Society and Sport and Recreation.

Whilst the current focus has been on the students who completed their Year 12 studies with VCE, there is a significant group of students who completed their Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) certificates this year.  Although it is still early times, students who have been undertaking applied learning programs through VCAL have achieved outstanding outcomes. Students are gaining full time employment, apprenticeships or traineeships. 

Mr Powles congratulated Chloe Laity who was the dux of the VCAL cohort. In a competitive marketplace students are picking up apprenticeships and local employers are pleased to sign up Nagle College students. The students are reaping the benefits of an engaging and challenging applied learning program that prepares them with the skills to make an effective transition to the workplace.

Nagle College students receive a standard of education and opportunities that enable them to pursue their pathways into further study, training or employment. The education that students receive at Nagle College provides a solid base in preparation for life after school.