18th February 2016

A Cracking Effort!

Year 11 student, Emiliqua East, will be competing at the Royal Easter Show in Sydney on 27 March in the Australian Whipcracking Titles. Emi qualified for this event at the State Level Championships. Already the current State Title Holder in three states - Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania - Emi is now aiming for a National Title.

As a Year 11 student, Emi is in for a busy Term 1; she will take part in the Debutante Ball in March, the Swimming Carnival this week, daily whipcracking training sessions and just keeping up with her schoolwork. She has already competed at the Mountain Cattlemen's Get Together held in Mansfield in January, where she won both her age group and the open whipcrack against men and women of all ages. 

We congratulate Emi on an amazing effort to date, and look forward to following her progress.