29th April 2020

A letter from our College Captains

Hello parents, teachers, students – particularly Year 12s of Nagle College. Your representative Captains (William Atkinson, Ellie Holland) and Vice Captains (Daniel Johnston, Charlie Darcy) have collaborated to deliver this message to you regarding our current circumstances and how we can remain efficient in these times of trial. Although this is a tough time, as we move into unprecedented forms of learning, we have a unique opportunity to use this as a time of growth as individuals and as a school. We believe that if we are to truly strive for greatness within this period of isolation, through dedicating our time wisely, balanced with self-care, this season does not have to be one that disadvantages; it can be the force that drives us to the next level of our learning.

Although online learning may pose many challenges across all year levels at Nagle, it is also a time to strengthen our time management and self-directed learning skills. Many senior students are finding it difficult to keep motivated and do extra work at home after ‘classes’ have finished. To combat this lack of motivation, we highlight the need to set and achieve goals that can be completed in a relatively short timeframe. By setting and achieving ‘micro goals’ you will feel better about yourself and more confident moving forward into the year. Once you achieve a ‘micro goal’, you can reward yourself with some screen time or watching your favourite series. However, please do not use this as an excuse for laziness; do not slack off on your work. Try to keep on top of things so you do not get stressed and anxious when preparing for the continued SACs and assessment tasks.

Despite the huge shift in our education this term, we should all continue to try to be the healthiest and most active versions of ourselves! As we are sure many of you can relate, the transition to remote learning has been rather challenging with deadlines each week and an often-overwhelming lack of motivation to overcome in this foreign learning environment. It is crucial that in this time, when accessible, you go outside and clear your mind. This is both a benefit to your concentration levels when studying and your mental health. It can be extremely draining spending extended amounts of time replying to emails and participating in online learning, therefore removing yourself from your schoolwork in regular breaks by going outside can revitalise your brain and prepare you for the next class. There are various studies that support the claim that exercising improves our capability to learn and stimulates new brain cell growth allowing students to concentrate better. In addition, a small amount of exercise – going for a walk or jog work – may act as a natural anti-anxiety treatment, relieving tension and stress. If you are feeling anxious in this time please reach out to your friends, teachers and peers. We are all feeling the same!

During this time, it is imperative that you remain focused on the end goal, regardless of the current circumstances. The motto for the class of 2020, ‘Alone we aspire, together we inspire, as one we succeed’, has never been as applicable to us as it is now. So, we encourage you to stay connected with friends and family, to take this time to pay special attention to your physical and mental wellbeing, and to work your hardest. We will come out of this stronger than ever before, so use the future as motivation to push yourself to be you best self until we reach that time.

Take care,

William, Ellie, Daniel and Charlie

2020 College and Vice Captains