25th January 2016

Class of 1974 Gathering

A group from the Class of 1974 gathered for a social evening on 1 December 2015. In 1973 Nagle did not offer Year 12 studies, so most students left at the end of Year 11 or transferred to Bairnsdale High School to complete their Year 12 (Form 6) studies, so they are actually to school leavers of 1973. They shared fond memories of attending Nagle when the school was located on Francis Street (the site of today's KMart).

Members of the group who attended the information reunion are:

Front Row (left to right): Josie (Fisicaro) Linley; Sue (Schlitz) Matthews; Rosemary (Lania) O'Laughlin; Kathleen (Spillman) Noden.

Second Row (left to right): Jenny (Clancy) Burns; Michele (Scott) Grumley; Trisha (Bennett) East; Heather (Warner) Nicholls, Theresa (Campbell) Andrews; Joan (Powell) Deery.

Back Row (left to right): Carmel (Stray) Spence; Therese Whiting, Margaret (Lees) Gilmore; Julie (Schlitz) Dennison; Helen (Miller) Dunbar; Linda (Roderick) Bruse.