16th September 2020

College Captains Address

Yesterday we received the good news that Regional Victoria is moving into step 3 of a COVID normal, which is very timely for the school holidays! It will be good to finally have some sense normality back in our lives and have a good break, to be refreshed back for our final term onsite!

When back at school, we stress the importance of still following all the COVID protocols, wearing face masks, social distancing and good hygiene, because a third wave is the last thing anyone wants.

To all students, here we are! The end of remote learning is in sight, and before we all know it we’ll be back in the classroom; remote learning will be nothing but a memory. Learning from home has certainly been a challenge, and many of you may believe that it has ruined what would be a perfectly good year of high school, normally spent with close friends and teachers. However, something that we may not notice is that, whilst this is a year we may want to end and not look back on, this has been a year like no other. We are the first students who have been exposed to this type of situation in recent history. While it has had some negative implications on our learning, there are important life lessons that we have learned along the way. For example, online learning has taught us that not everything goes to plan, and sometimes, when you feel like things couldn’t get worse, it literally continues to get worse. But, as we are all experiencing right now, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. We will all come out of this period with more resilience and gratitude than any Nagle student has in the past.

Year 12s, the prospect of graduating and finishing our VCE studies is becoming more and more real every day, but we must resist the temptation to kick our legs back and celebrate just yet!  With only 17 days of school left, the Term 3 holidays is the perfect time to sit down and establish an exam preparation schedule that works for you. Whether that means waking up at 8.00 each morning and smashing out an hour's worth of course notes before the rest of your family is even awake, or slotting in 30-minute study periods throughout your day to tackle those practice exams, dedicating this break to forming solid study routines will play a crucial role in how well prepared you are come exam time. In saying this, student burnout is also a very real, and very common situation that we may suffer from between now and our last exam. It is critical that you pace yourself and find the perfect study routine so that you can work your way through as many practice papers as you can whilst giving yourself the time to step back from the desk and focus on your own physical, social and mental wellbeing. Your future self will thank you for the work that you put in today, and remember that it is never too late to change your study habits.