30th June 2015

Edrolo Online Tutorials

Nagle College is undertaking a trial for VCE Unit 3&4 subjects using the Edrolo learning platform.  This is an online learning system that is available to students at school and at home (in fact anywhere students have internet access).  Students are able to access tutorials (in video format), revision and quizzes / tests (many of these are interactive).  Students are able to independently access the parts of the program they wish to or they may be directed to complete certain activities by teachers.

As part of the trial the following subjects are available to students: English, Health and Human Development, Business Management, Psychology, Biology and Mathematical Methods.  If this trial proves to be successful we intend to include more subjects for 2016.

All Year 12 students (and Year 11 students who are doing one of these VCE Unit 3&4 subjects) were emailed information about the program and how to log in.  Students are encouraged to access the program as soon as possible and start to engage with the many advantages in offers.  We also encourage feedback from students or parents about this trial. All students have been emailed with instructions on how to access.