20th April 2018

Ethics, Zoos and You

On Friday 20 April, Year 11 Psychology students travelled to the Melbourne Zoo as part of their “Ethics, Zoos and you” programme to study the ethics of having animals in a zoo, how to change human behaviour, and collect data.

Students used their learned psychology skills throughout the day as they studied wildlife conservation, learned about animal welfare, listened to presentations and discussed the dilemmas faced by zoos. They also learned about Dr Sally Sherwin (Zoos Victoria’s Animal Welfare Specialist)’s emerging technologies program that was put in place at the Melbourne Zoo, allowing Orang-utans to engage and interact with themselves and the public. 

As a result of this excursion, students gained a better understanding of animal conservation and the valuable roles a zoo plays in helping conserve threatened and endangered species. They also learned about animal care – both physical and mental, and how psychology can be used to “problem solved” as per Dr Sherwin.