11th December 2017

Fundraising Success

Past staff member, Mr Frank Brown-Graham, is still very much involved with the Bairnsdale Friends of Timor Leste who provide scholarships for tertiary education and a lunchtime program for the students of San Antonio’s school in Baucau. Following a recent visit to Timor Leste, Frank and fellow BFTL member, Mrs Christine Power, visited Nagle College to speak about the plight of children in Timor Leste. As a result, students have been fundraising with all proceeds going to the San Antonio’s school.

The funds that were raised by the students will be going toward funding the school lunch program at San Antonio Secondary School in Baucau (ESSA), Timor Leste.  The Bairnsdale Friends of Timor Leste (BFOTL) provide the school with $US4200 each trimester (totalling $US12,600 per annum) for delivery of the program which includes food, firewood for cooking, and the cooks' wages. 

Mr BG sent us this photo with the caption “This is what $1520.65 looks like on my lounge room floor. A HUGE thanks to all involved in this fabulous effort, especially the students who made the sacrifices necessary to achieve this generous total. Thanks also to all staff involved, especially Josie B. We hope you all have a restful holiday break, especially over the special time of Christmas.”

We felt this was worth sharing with our community, as many of you would have contributed in some way to this fundraising effort. Thank you!