15th November 2018

Gifted and Talented Workshop

On Friday 26 October, five Nagle College students attended a workshop in Warragul designed to challenge the minds of our gifted and talented students.

Connor McAuliffe, Jack Simmons, Zach Delaney, Jessie Forster and Amy Cheesley represented Nagle College and were placed into teams comprised of students in Years 7 – 9 from various Catholic Colleges in the Sale Diocese.

After an initial warm-up activity the teams decided on a group name and were given three hours to address their topic: Super! Saver of the world.

Background information pertaining to the topic was given:

One hundred years have passed since the deteriorated condition of planet Earth led to the formation of the World Environmental Council (WEC). This powerful body strictly controls how the population lives.

Breathable air is at an all-time low. Logging is no longer allowed as the world’s forests have been severely depleted. Experimental raising of Flora and fauna is strictly controlled due to the fragile nature of the atmosphere, the quality of the soils and the availability of water. The fuel that runs the current power supplies will run out in five years.

A diverse group called the Triple T (The Think Tank) has secretly discovered an experimental product called SUPER. They claim it is the answer to the future survival of the planet but they need the WEC’s permission and funding to produce this product in sufficient quantity.

Students then worked collaboratively to develop a solution for the brief by defining the nature of the product – What is SUPER and how is it going to save the world? The teams knew the product worked on a small scale but had to present a convincing argument to the WEC that their product was the answer to the future survival of the planet.

Each team then worked together to create their version of SUPER and outline how it would save the world. Students needed to present a presentation that was persuading enough for the WEC (judges) to invest in their product. Presentations were judged on product creativity, concept originality and the diversity of Triple T.

Connor, Jack, Zach, Jessie and Amy were excellent Nagle Ambassadors on the day. The students enjoyed this valuable collaborative learning experience with student from different schools.