8th September 2016

Governor General Impressed with Emi

Year 11 student, Emiliqua East, was invited to take part in the Woodstock Agricultural Show (near Cowra in NSW) to provide a demonstration of her whipcracking skills. Emi was more than happy to oblige and travelled the 8 hours or more with her mother for this event. The special guest of honour was the Governor General, Mr Peter Cosgrove, who was there to open the event. The Governor General was very interested in Emi's skills and spent quite some time speaking to her about her experiences and talents. He was so impressed that he asked if Emi would be interested in attending at the Governor's residence when he was entertaining visiting Heads of State and/or overseas royalty to demonstrate this typical Australian skill. Needless to say, Emi and her mother were absolutelty thrilled at this offer and the prospect of meeting with foreign dignitaries.