Gracie is Living the Dream

Grace Vandelaak (Giove) Class of 1989 MacKillop

We had a visit recently from past student Grace Vandelaak who was Grace Giove. Grace (or Gracie as she prefers) started at Nagle as a Year 9 student in 1986 and graduated in 1989. After completing a Teaching Degree, Gracie worked in mostly rural schools including Orbost and Buchan. In 1997 Grace moved to London to work as a teacher at an inner London school. She spent the next five years working with educators on developing strategies for both students and teachers to optimize their learning/teaching methods.

In 2012 Gracie co-founded her online company Fortenova Media, following the success of her lifestyle blogs for fashion conscious females, using the avatar of Gracie Opulanza. Gracie also started an online magazine called Men Style Fashion, which has recently been voted third best online publication in the world.

Now married with two young children and living in Spain, Gracie was delighted to be ‘back home’ at Nagle College and enjoyed a tour that brought back so many memories for her. Gracie admits that she chose “all the wrong subjects at VCE – Physics and Chemistry – that just aren’t my style at all. I should have done arts and textiles and followed my passions”. But her passions have led her to an amazing career that now takes her all around the world, writing reviews for hotels, cars, eyewear, fashion and so much more!

Gracie arrived at Nagle in a brand new Jaguar SUV which had been given to her to use during her stay in Australia. Jaguar are one of many motor companies who ask Gracie to review their products. Whilst Gracie was here she took photos of the Jag parked near our welcome sign at the roundabout. She was very excited to be back at Nagle, and though she wasn’t a high academic achiever, Gracie attributes her experiences at Nagle College during her formative years as shaping her into the person she is today.

To see and read more about Gracie and her amazing career you can visit her websites, or Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube for both business and personal at or