9th April 2019

Green Man in Vietnam

Hi All,

Back in Thien Binh Ophanage (Google it) for the third time. The first time was with Nagle’s World Challenge students, the second by myself and this time by myself again. I’m here for a month mainly working in the vegie garden which the Nagle kids had the first hand in starting. Hard work for an old man like me in mid-30 temperatures and high humidity. But plenty of water and rests get me through the day. Start at 7 am to 11 am, then lunch and rest till 2 pm. Start again then stop around 5.30.  I’m very glad to see that the people here see the garden as important and are improving it each year.

I work in the garden with an old man Mr Hai and an intellectually challenged boy; it has its frustrations sometimes with communication and their confusing way of doing things. Everyone is very friendly here and some of the blokes take me out to their favourite restaurant at the end of week.

There are upwards of 200 people in the orphanage ranging from babies to very old people, including children who were born affected by Agent Orange. The children go out to government schools which cost, but tuition is given at the orphanage as well. This orphanage is a Catholic institution. It is near what was once the biggest US air base during Vietnam (American) war - Bien Hoa, and which the Americans had to bomb their own airbase during an enemy incursion.

Well that’s enough for a while, will send some photos as well.

“Tan beet” from James, aka the Green  Man