11th August 2017

Homeless Sleepout

Approximately 50 students and staff members took part in the Annual Homeless Sleepout, conducted at Nagle College on Thursday 3 August. The VCE CSYMA students (Catholic Schools Youth Ministry Australia) and a group of Year 10 volunteers took part in a variety of activities that highlighted the plight of homeless people in our local community. 

Guest Speaker, Mr Michael Nelson, gave the students an insight into the daily challenges that many homeless people face. During the evening, students made blankets which will be donated to St Vincent de Paul, in the hope these will provide some relief for the homeless in our community. Lack of food and shelter are the two major issues faced by homeless people. "It builds empathy and gives students insight to the lives of homelss people as they don't always know what is going on," said Mrs Rosie Colvin, CSYMA Teacher. Year 11 student, Jemma Stokes, commented that "I wanted to experience the way some people are forced to sleep at night - to put myself into their shoes. It is a real eye opener. We take so many things for granted."

Congratulations and thank you to all those staff and students who took part in this annual event. Donations from the night will be given to representatives of the St Vincent de Paul (Vinnies) during the Founders' Day Mass on 16 August.