House Dance Competition

Pastoral care is at the heart of everything we do at Nagle. Ensuring this care extends to remote learning is important. Beginning on Monday 24 August, all seven of our Houses will be invited to participate in a House dance competition. We hope this will help connect our students and staff in a fun and active way. 

So how do students get involved?

  1. Students download the Just Dance Now App to a smartphone.
  2. Students join the google meet for their House on the set day and time (see times below).
  3. Google meet link will be emailed on the day.
  4. Students enter the room number shown on the screen, and then dance.
  5. Points will be awarded for number of students who participate and the top 5 scores per House will be added to the total!

Dates and time for each House are:

Monday 24 August
11.10 am –  Newman
1.40 pm  – Chisholm

Tuesday 25 August
11.10 am – Polding
1.40 pm – Avila

Wednesday 26 August
11.10 am – Xavier
1.40 pm – Mackillop

Thursday 27 August
11.10 am – Bosco

May the best House win!