16th September 2020

House Step Challenge 2 - Results

Between Wednesday 2 and Wednesday 9 September, Nagle College held the second House Step Challenge which challenged students, their families, staff and alumni to take as many steps as possible for their House. Congratulations to the following students who walked the most steps for their House: Cait Corby (Avila), Duncan Fisher (Bosco), Archer Watt (Chisholm), Ashleigh Forehan (Mackillop), Braidan Wylie (Newman), Tilly Young (Polding) and Ebony Parsons (Xavier).

We’d also like to congratulate the following staff members who took the most steps for their House: Mrs Kool (Avila), Mr Carr (Bosco), Jacqui Baylis (Chisholm), Mrs Collier (Mackillop), Mrs O’Neill (Newman), Brittany Johnston (Polding) and Mrs Bailey (Xavier).

For the second time running, Bosco saw the most past staff and students participate ­ contributing over 1 million steps. Additionally, Mr Carr was the top stepper, taking over 210,000 steps in seven days.

Congratulations to Bosco House, who won the second House Step Challenge. Results are as follows:

  1. Bosco
  2. MacKillop
  3. Newman
  4. Xavier
  5. Avila
  6. Polding
  7. Chisholm

Nagle College thanks everyone who participated in this term’s step challenge!