16th February 2018

Inter-House Swimming Carnival

Students gathered in their Houses for an epic day of swimming and Inter-House competition. Students competed fiercely both in water and on land, but none more than the Newman girls Medley team. Charli Young, Bree O’Neill, Bella Hodder and Keira O’Neill swam their way to a new record, beating Chisholm’s 2017 record by two seconds!

Novelty events (House Line Pass, Volleyball, Cork Scramble, Across-the-Pool Relay, Year 12 Inflatable Race, Flipper Toss and Scuba Relay) were held throughout the day. The House with the most participation in these events wins House Spirit Award – and this year the winner was Newman.

Avila won House Line Pass; a race where each House lines-up down the lane and passes a tube tied to a life jacket. Bosco won the Senior Volleyball competition, outplaying their opponent, Polding in the finals. Polding overcame their defeat, comfortably collecting the most corks from the pool in Cork Scramble. Chisholm won the final event of the day, the Year 12 Inflatable Race, on a yellow duck. They outswam a unicorn and a platypus, to name a few. Newman was also crowned House Champion, narrowly beating last year’s victor, Chisholm. Xavier cheered their way to House Chant winner.