27th July 2017

Italian Poetry Competition

Year 7 students recently took part in an Italian Poetry Competition, which is part of their language studies. We congratulate Monica Atkinson who won this year's competition.

The competition is the Swinburne University Junior Italian Poetry Competition, open to Year 7 students undertaking Italian as their language program. The competition is judged across participating Victorian schools. Each student benefits from participation in this competition and it is also an additional means of furthering the study of Italian language and culture.

Prizes were awarded for first, second, third and fourth in each section and Special Mention Certificates presented to those students outstanding in their presentation. Participation Certificates were also provided to all other students who took part in the competition.

Judges looked at:

  • Knowledge of the poem (as well as title and author)
  • Correct pronunciation
  • Intonation
  • Appropriate expression, gesture and eye contact.