7th August 2015

Matt Takes the ChallENGe

Towards the end of Term 2 we received a flyer from Monash University in Clayton, offering students in Year 8 the opportunity to participate in a three day program being hosted by the Engineering Faculty. Seven students, identified by the Science staff, were given the information and an invitation to consider attending. In Bairnsdale opportunities like this are made all the more difficult due to the distance from Melbourne. However, Matt Cantrill, with the support of his parents, took the initiative to enrol in this program.

Over the three days at the beginning of the second week of the holidays, Matt participated in a range of engineering challenges. According to Matt, the highlight of the three days was the mechanical engineering challenge where Matt and the others in his group had to design a program to give life to a two legged robot. Another challenge Matt highlighted was to build a robot programmed to follow a light source. The final challenge required participants to build a bridge from spaghetti to test structural strengths. This was done by applying weights to the finished structure.

Matt was quoted as saying “It was definitely worth going and I would do it again if I had the chance.” The Nagle College motto of “Let Your Light Shine” encourages us to focus on the positives and to make the most of every opportunity offered to us. We are extremely fortunate to be part of a school community where we are given so many opportunities. However if we do not make the most of these our light does not shine so brightly and the opportunity is lost – so well done Matt!