Mid Semester 2 Reports 2014

The mid-semester reports for all students will be sent home on Friday September 12.  They will also be published electronically at this time so all families can access the reports by using the Login tab from the Nagle College website. Select “myChild” to access the Parent Access Module.  Simply click on your student and then “Student Assessment and Reporting” to see the latest report.  All other reports can be accessed from this location too.

This report will provide students and parents and students some feedback on student’s progress with their learning program and performance.  The mid-semester report gives an assessment of how students are working and an overall grade on how they are performing in each subject.

The assessment criteria for student work habits are: behaviour (how students accept advice and follow instructions and respect the rights and work of others); effort (how they participate in class activities and use time effectively, come prepared for class and work cooperatively); and completion of tasks (general organisation and meeting due dates).  There is also an overall assessment of how the student has performed over Term three.  This looks at how students have progressed and their performance relative to expectations of the student in that subject and year level.  A brief pastoral report is included with the mid-semester report.