6th May 2020

Nagle staff and students show their resilience as they teach and learn remotely

As schools, teachers and students around the globe face the unprecedented challenge of teaching and learning remotely, Nagle College staff and students have met the challenge head-on by creating teaching delivery methods that cater to the needs of students.

Students learn in different ways; some by doing, some by reading, and some by verbal explanation. Nagle students are no exception. Within days of commencing remote learning, teachers began adapting their delivery methods, based on student feedback, to ensure every student could learn successfully.

"Due to student feedback, I am now providing a video power-point for my maths classes. I record myself taking them through each math concept step by step to help consolidate their learning" said Ms Elaine Vertriest, Deputy Principal – Learning and Teaching.

Nagle's Music Department, which has grown exponentially in recent years, has also adapted to the change by offering virtual music lessons.

"Nagle music tutors have been busy organising adaptive and innovative ways to teach. They all agree – the focus is to keep our music students engaged and motivated to learn. Many music students have commented on how nice it feels to keep learning their musical instrument. The parents of our musicians have also been very supportive," said Mr Andrew Long, Director of Music.

The College recently surveyed students, staff and parents/guardians to gather feedback on areas such as workload, school hours and quality of information provided.

"We were delighted with the level of response from parents, students and staff. Consideration of the data and comments received has resulted in Nagle College moving to Phase II of remote learning as of Wednesday 29 April. This will see a reduction in class time for all  and  more 'off screen' student work," said Mr Neville Powles, Principal.

Remote learning will continue to evolve. Nagle staff and students will rise to the challenge by exploring new ways to support positive learning outcomes for students. Nagle College Captains, William Atkinson and Ellie Holland, and Vice Captains Daniel Johnston and Charlie Darcy, said it best in a joint statement, "We believe that by striving for greatness within this period of isolation and by dedicating our time wisely, this period does not have to be one that disadvantages; it can be the force that drives us to the next level of our learning."