18th October 2016

R U OK Day

Nagle College celebrated Australia’s R U OK Day on 9 September with staff and students. R U OK is identified as the simple question to ask someone – known or unknown – if you notice that something is just not right. R U OK is an invitation that shows another that you are interested in them and are open to listening, caring and connecting them to help if needed.

R U OK started earlier in the week when students were invited to collect ‘Smiley Face tickets’ in their House colours and give them to friends and people who may have needed to be cheered up and cared for. Staff reported hearing students say “what’s this make someone smile thing?’ in the corridors and school yard – there was a definite buzz of curiosity and fun.

The actual R U OK day was firstly greeted with the announcement of a special Morning Tea for Staff. Many thanks to the Julie duo (Julie Small and Julie Dennison), who decorated the staffroom with the colours of R U OK, balloons, posters, information cards ... and let’s not forget the homemade morning tea treats. There was much energy, buzz and chatter flowing from the staffroom.

Lunchtime was all about the students. Lunchtime detentions were cancelled for the day (but not quashed, just delayed for the next day!). Students were entertained by Mathew Bentley and Holly Stephenson (with moral support from Naomi Johnston) in the courtyard, with music and singing, and courtesy of Mr Andrew Long’s support. The World Challenge Team provided a sausage sizzle and cake stall; thank you to Bryan Smith, Sue Whitbourne and the World Challenge Team.  Staff and students also thrashed it out in a volleyball game, thanks to the organisation of Graham Readett and the enthusiasm of staff and students.

Let’s not forget to keep saying R U Ok

It can make a difference – You can make a difference

Ms Jo Aquila, on behalf of the Counselling Team