26th April 2019

Regional Appointment for Jack

We were delighted to hear the news recently (April 2019) that 2018 College Graduate Jack Wickfeldt had been appointed as Regional Cadet Under Officer – Victoria. As an Army Cadet Under Officer, this appointment is the Brigade’s most senior Army Cadet and fulfils an important position within the Cadet Headquarters, the organisation and the broader community.

Jack was our 2018 College Vice Captain and fulfilled this role most capably. Jack was always an outstanding member of the Nagle Community, Polding House and the wider community. He regularly assisted with and volunteered for an array of opportunities and experiences beyond the normal expectations of our students, and demonstrated a strong community spirit right from his early days in Year 7.

As an Army Cadet Jack was a strong presence at our annual ANZAC Day and Remembrance Day Services. He regularly represented Nagle College, in his capacity as Cadet Under Officer, in wider community services, including those at Cockatoo Ridge to commemorate the Vietnam Veterans.

Jack is a worthy recipient of this latest appointment and we take pleasure in congratulating him on this achievement. Jack has already commenced his appointment and his first task was leading the cadets on the march to the Shrine of Remembrance on ANZAC Day in Melbourne. Major (AAC) James Pereira made the following statement: “I want to thank the new Regional CUO, Jack Wickfeldt for his support and leading the cadets on the march. CUO Wickfeldt was also presented his new rank by the COMD, COL Molnar at the rear of the shrine in front of cadets and their families.”

Having completed his Year 12 last year, Jack has recently been working as a seasonal firefighter for Forest Fire Management Victoria. He is an avid aviator, flying a Technam P92 and is studying towards his Private Pilot Licence. Jack recently raised $10,000 for cancer research, and in his spare time enjoys anything related to restoring cars.

The photo with this article shows Jack (front right) leading the Honour Guard to the ANZAC Memorial for the wreath laying service at the 2017 ANZAC Day Service.