They’re Calling on You

Nagle College VCE Unit 2 Environmental Science students visited Healesville Sanctuary in September to learn how we can do our part to fight extinction.

During this session students learned about a mineral called Coltan, commonly used in the making of mobile phones. As a result of mining, the habitat of the wild mountain and Eastern Lowland Gorillas in Central Africa has become critically threatened. Not only is their habitat reducing in size, their non-frequent exposure to humans has led to a number of new diseases and illnesses among the gorilla population.

Nagle College is participating in the They’re Calling on You mobile phone drive. By collecting mobile phones for recycling, we will be diverting waste from the landfill and recycling and reusing as many parts from old mobile phones as possible. Funds raised through this initiative will be donated to Gorilla Doctors – the only organisation providing veterinary care to wild mountain and Eastern Lowland Gorillas.

Phone donations will be collected until the end of Term and can be dropped off at Nagle College Reception. Alternatively, students can donate phones during their morning Pastoral class. Every phone can make a difference. Please consider donating your old or unused mobile phone to this worthwhile cause.

For more information please contact the College on 5152 6122.

5 phones = a life-saving dose of antibiotics for an ill baby gorilla.

10 phones = petrol needed for the Gorilla Doctors to reach the forest to monitor the health of gorillas.

50 phones = anaesthetic to help provide veterinary care to an injured or ill gorilla.

100 phones = a full set of rain gear, allowing the Gorilla Doctors to work in bad weather.

500 phones = a computer for the Gorilla Doctors, helping to study health trends and predict diseases and their outbreaks.