20th September 2018

Trinity wins first in State in 2018 Junior Italian Poetry Competition

Nagle College’s Year 7 students participated in this year’s Swinburne Junior Italian Poetry Competition on Monday 3 September. 

The competition, which is offered for students in Years 7 and 8, requires students to memorise a chosen poem and to recite it in front of a panel of judges without the assistance of props or acting. Student are then graded on their poem.

Standing up in front of your peers and a panel of judges can be daunting, but our students rose to the challenge reciting a poem in Italian; a language they have only been learning since the start of the year. A number of students received a Certificato di Lode (High Distinction) and Certificato di Merito (Credit).

This year Trinity Parker won first place, il Primo Premio, out of all the students who participated in Victoria. Congratulations Trinity. You are proving to be a very promising languages student.

Congratulations to all participating students.