18th September 2015

Year 7 Italian Poetry

Report by Madison Capobianco Year 7

On Monday 7 September all of the Year 7 Italian Language students participated in an Italian Poetry Contest. They were assessed by two judges from Swinburne University, Maria and Cristina.  Students had a choice from six poems; three were non-Italian poems and three were Italian poems. The Italian poems were for students who have an Italian background, and non-Italian was for the other students studying Italian.

Each class was divided into two groups and sent to two different rooms for the contest. Some students said that they were quite nervous; others thought it was fun and had a good time. Participating in this contest helped to boost the student’s confidence and self-esteem. It also helped with pronunciation, accents, oral presentation and public speaking skills.

The Year 7 students were very grateful to the two judges for taking their time to come to Nagle College to assess us on their progress in Italian language, and really enjoyed the experience. 

Report by William Atkinson Year 7

On 7 September the Year 7 students who have been learning Italian competed in the first level of the Italian Poetry Competition. We were all a little nervous but we were also excited. When our time came, we had a little conversation with the judge in Italian. Some things we said were:


“Buon giorno”

“Come stai?”


“Io mi chiamo William, etu?”

“Io sono …”

Then we sang our poems and we told the next person to go and do the same thing. We all enjoyed having an Italian conversation with another person and we look forward to seeing our results.