20th August 2020

Year 9 Enhanced English Class to Write a Book in a Day!

Ms Smith's Year 9 Enhanced English class is once again taking part in the Write a Book in a Day competition - though it is going to be a bit different this year with students competing remotely!

The competition will take place on Thursday 17 September at 8 am and will last until 8 pm. During those 12 hours, students will need to write and illustrate a book – remotely. The competition raises funds for the Kids' Cancer Project and books created are distributed to children undergoing treatment in hospitals all over Australia.

We are pleased to once again have two groups participating. Crystal Williams, Jessie Forster, Braidan Wylie, Dan Worley, Josh Carter, Brylee McMahon and Jessica Bradley will make up Nagle College Team 1. Nagle College Team 2 will include Jess Robinson, Chinela Otuonye, Emily Shenton, Tehya Morrison, Sabastian Etheridge and Milly Luchetta.

Any community members who are willing and able to support our students with sponsorship funds would be appreciated by our students. Please click on the team link supplied. Donations will be accepted until 30 September, 2020.

Nagle College Team 1:

Nagle College Team 2: