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Belinda Gallasch

Where are they now?

Name at Nagle: Belinda Wheeler // Name now: Belinda Gallasch // Graduating Year: 1999 // Nagle House: Avila

November 2018:

Belinda has been in the headlines both locally and in wider circles for being a 'guardian angel'. Belinda stopped at the scene of an accident on the Princes Highway after noticing missing parts of the guard rail and headlights pointing in the wrong direction. She found a young man unconscious in his vehicle, with flames starting to spread in the vehicle. Assisted by another women who had also stopped, Belinda was able to smash the windscreen and free the unresponsive driver. Their actions certainly saved the life of the young male driver who incredibly received only minor injuries. Belinda certainly was a guardian angel that day and we commend her spirit and bravery in such trying cirumstances.