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Heath Winter

Where are they now?

Name at Nagle: Heath Winter // Name now: // Graduating Year: 1993 // Nagle House: Chisholm

Heath has been forging a career, and a name for himself, in the Australian Navy. In April this year (2019) we were proud to read about Petty Officer Winter's involvement, as senior medical advisor, in the NATO Special Operational Component Command Afghanistan from July 7 2018 to January 30 2019. Heath was one of only a few Australians with the NATO Joint Task Force in Afghanistan where he earned the immense respect of Australia's international partners. Heath's outstanding efforts were noted as examplary and true to the Royal Australian Navy's core values and behaviours.

Heath received the following awards, presented by Deputy Chief Rear Admiral Mark D Hammond: The United States Joint Service Achievement Medal, the Bronze Star Medal (a decoration normally awarded only to members of the USA armed forces for heroic achievement, heroic services), the Combat Action Badge and the Commander Joint Task Force 633 Silver Commendation for examplary performance while deployed to Operation High Road.

Prior to his time in Afghanistan, Heath (Petty Officer Winter) has also served in the Solomon Islands, and on HMAS Newcastle which was deployed as part of Operation Manintou in the Middle East. Heath's next posting will be within the School of Underwater Medicine at HMAS Penguin. We wish Heath well as he continues his career journey with the Royal Australian Navy.