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Jemma Stokes

Where are they now?

Name at Nagle: Jemma Stokes // Name now: // Graduating Year: 2018 // Nagle House: Bosco

June 2019: Jemma left Nagle College at the end of 2017 having completed Year 11 to take up an offer to enrol at the Australian Institute of Sport in Canberra. Jemma's passion for volleyball led her to Canberra and her skills and determination have now taken her on two tours representing the AIS Centre of Excellence team in the IPC Championships and the Trans-Tasman series. As a member of the Australian Institute of Sport Centre of Excellence team, Jemma toured New Zealand in the Trans-Tasman series. The second tour is to Hanoi in Vietnam where she has been selected to represent Australia in the Under 23 Female team. Jemma has achieved so much in a short time but is reaping the rewards of all her hard work, commitment and work ethic. We wish her well as she continues to live the College motto - Let Your Light Shine.