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Rebecca Greenwood

Where are they now?

Name at Nagle: Rebecca Greenwood // Name now: Rebecca Fagan // Graduating Year: 1999 // Nagle House: Bosco

4/9/2019: Rebecca has been named one of the top 50 most influential women in the Northern Rivers area of NSW. Since leaving Nagle in 1999 Rebecca studied nursing in Melbourne, qualifying as a midwife in Syudney working at the Westmead Hospital. Rebecca has now built a strong reputation as a Calmbirth educator. With children of her own, Rebecca now helps other couples through pregnancy, childbirth and parenting. Her program 'Emplowering Birth Journeys' delivers Calmbirth classes and retreats. The feedback from her clients has been overwhelmingly positive, resulting in Rebecca being included on this list. Well done Rebecca - it is wonderful to see you still living the Nagle motto Let Your Light Shine!