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Tess Coverdale

Where are they now?

Name at Nagle: Tess Coverdale // Name now: // Graduating Year: 2018 // Nagle House: Chisholm

6/11/2019: It was pleasing to read in the local papers that Tess is doing well in her apprenticeship as a refrigeration mechanic. Tess was featured in an article that was focussing on women in trades, a topic close to her heart. Tess is undertaking her apprenticeship at East Gippsland Refrigeration and Airconditioning; she applied for the job after seeing it advertised. Tess was selected from a pool of applicants that included other females. Tess was always keen to take on a trade, knowing that a regular office job would not be for her. She is happy in her work environment where she is not bothered by being the only female on the job. With a stronger push from Governments and employers to hire more women in the trades, Tess may not be the only girl on the job for much longer! We wish Tess well for the rest of her four year apprenticeship.