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Thomas Baldwin

Where are they now?

Name at Nagle: Thomas Baldwin // Name now: // Graduating Year: 2010 // Nagle House: Chisholm

Thomas featured in an article in the local papers on 22 July 2019, which highlighted the difficulties people with Asperger's Syndrome encounter when seeking employment. Thomas graduated in 2010 and continued to study mathematics and science; he is currently undertaking accounting at Gippsland TAFE. Thomas has now entered the workforce, gaining employment at Pollard Accounting where he is fast becoming a valued member of the accounting firm. David Pollard (Class of 1987, MacKillop) has been an excellent mentor for Thomas, as well as his employer. David is quoted as saying "Thomas went to the right school, just the wrong house. He was a Nagle boy, as I was, though he was in Chisholm. He really should have been in MacKillop, the right one ... Using the computer for my work, I've been using Excel for about 20 years; I used to think I was a good user, but Thomas made a fundamental mistake, on his first day, of correcting something I'd been doing for year. And the worse thing about that is he was correct!" David asserts that is was Thomas' Asperger's that got him through the door and into a job.

Well done Thomas for your perseverence and positive attitude - you are a role model for many young people out there. We wish you well as you continue to Let Your Light Shine.