Programs: Music

Mr Andrew Long, Director of Music

Nagle College offers a unique experience with their Instrumental Music Program.

The College has a long history of excellence in Music Education, this is reflected in the high standards achieved – many students elect to take instrumental music as a VCE subject.

In addition to classroom music lessons, the students are given the opportunity to receive expert tuition in instrumental music. The program is diverse and creative, and includes tradition and contemporary instruments and styles. It is delivered with a positive and supportive approach. While developing instrumental techniques, the students also develop self-esteem and team skills.

The music staff encourages participation and excellence in the contribution of all students in the instrumental program, knowing that 'Music is a Skill for Life!' Students who participate in the program learn to succeed in other areas of their education – a fact now proven beyond doubt!

The various groups and ensembles are a natural product of the tuition. Playing an instrument in a group is the aim of many students, and this is encouraged as skills develop. Performance craft is also taught to all groups.

At present Nagle Music Groups include Cookies and Cream, Nagle Strings, Nagle Guitar Ensemble, Nagle Tunes Band, Beat it! (Percussion Ensemble), Concert Band, N-Chanters (Choir), and a Rock Band (under development and yet to be named)

The ensembles perform within the school and in the wider community. They take part in workshops, festivals, concerts and tour each year. The students combine with other schools in music events, and at all times represent their school with pride.

To join the Nagle Instrumental Music Program contact the Director of Music or Nagle Reception for more information (click on the link above to download enrolment form). Early registration is highly recommended, but expressions of interest and discussion is available at any stage.