Years 10 - 12: Overview

Mrs Tina Sonka and Ms Geraldine Greenland, Senior Curriculum Coordinators

Nagle College offers a selection of Year 10 studies, VCE studies, VET programs and VCAL programs consisting of half-year (semester) units. For the sake of the College and for your own sake, it is a good idea to plan your whole program well in advance so that things go smoothly. While some change can be made, others may not be possible due to timetabling considerations.

Due to timetabling, the list of all the units the College offers is not necessarily the list of what you can actually do. For example you might have to choose between Chemistry and Studio Arts because you are the only person at the school who wants to do both. This happens because the person who is doing the timetable has to juggle subjects, teachers and rooms.

If you have your heart set on doing some combination that is not immediately on offer, don’t despair, something can often be worked out. Once again this underlines the importance of your planning. The earlier you can tell the College what you want to do, the more likely it is that we will be able to offer it.