Years 7 & 8 Overview

Miss Megan Ball and Mrs Amanda Banks, Junior School Co-ordinators

The junior years of schooling at Nagle College focus on the holistic development of students. Our students experience a comprehensive curriculum that encourages their continued growth and development. Students are afforded opportunities within the scope of the curriculum as well as extra-curricula activities that promote spiritual, physical and academic advancement.


Students begin their Nagle journey some time prior to actually arriving on the first day. They participate in a lengthy Transition process that enables them to make the move from Primary to Secondary School with relative ease. Grade 6 students from our feeder Primary Schools are invited to participate in the Nagle Expo which takes place early in Term 2 and leads into our Open Night mid-May. Both events showcase the wonderful opportunities afforded at Nagle College. Once a student is enrolled, Information Evenings designed to give a brief overview of Nagle College and all it has to offer, are conducted in Bairnsdale and Lakes Entrance. These evenings give families the opportunity to gather information and have any questions answered. Early in October students undergo a series of academic assessment which assist in the allocation of students to teaching groups for the following year. The final transition activity, which falls in the first week of December, is Orientation Day. On Orientation Day students are given first hand experience of some of the daily activities of regular life at Nagle College.

During Year 7 and 8, students are placed into a Core teaching group. Core Studies focus on the delivery of four subject areas using an integrated approach.  Thirteen sessions per cycle (fortnight) are devoted to Religious Education, English, History, Geography and ICT. The curriculum focuses on the development of skills through both individual lessons and integrated units of work. Students remain together as a class for all the key areas of learning including Maths, Science and Art. Junior Learning Teams continue to work together to make meaningful cross curricular connections that will engage and educate students.

Teachers in the Junior Learning Areas share their expertise, resources and knowledge of the students to maximise their participation in educational experiences designed to meet their individual needs.

Camp Program

All Year 7 and 8 students participate in year level camps. The Year 7 Camps take place early in the year and are designed to focus on establishing relationships with other students in the same class as well as in the same House. Year 7 camps are conducted in the beautiful beach setting at Lake Tyers. Students participate in a wide variety of activities that are both fun and challenging.

Year 8 students complete an overnight camping experience on the Banksia Peninsula. This activity is designed to give students a taste of the type of experiences offered in senior Outdoor Education classes.


Students undertake to study a Language for the first two years of secondary school. Nagle College offers a choice between Japanese and Italian. Students will learn one of these languages only, not both. All students are encouraged to continue their language studies into Year 9 and through to their senior years.

Music Program

Nagle College boasts an exceptional Music program where students can elect to study instrumental music in addition to the regular classroom music lessons. Students may elect to take private music lessons, during timetabled class, to become proficient in an instrument of their choice. Further details on the Nagle Instrumental Program are available from the Music section of our website.

Student Enrichment and Enhancement

The Nagle College Student Enrichment Team is comprised of dedicated staff focussing on providing assistance to students requiring special assistance to successfully access the school curriculum. Literacy and Numeracy coordinators assist in developing special programs designed to ensure that all students are able to achieve success. Further details on our SEED program are provided on our website.

Subject Competitions

Nagle College actively encourages students to participate in the many subject competitions which extends and compliments their classroom learning. The annual Science and Mathematics Competitions draw much interest from all levels within the school. Junior school students actively participate in the annual Gippspell and Da Vinci Decathlon competitions which allow them to interact with students from many other district schools whilst providing valuable practice of acquired skills.