House System: Overview

The House System at Nagle College emphasises the development and nurturing of a strong positive relationship between staff and students, and underpins much of the College life. The system is manifested by a personal approach, which is gentle, firm and reasonable, involving mutual respect and a genuine concern for each person.

Upon entering the College, each student is allocated to one of the seven Houses in the College: Avila, Bosco, Chisholm, MacKillop, Newman, Polding, and Xavier.

The House System provides support and many opportunities to the student, ranging from sport to community service and charitable fundraising to personal and spiritual development. House Captains are appointed to support the House Co-ordinator as role models.

There are six Pastoral Groups in each House. These are vertically streamed, which means they comprise students from Year 7 to 12. Each group averages about 24 students and works under the guidance of a Pastoral Teacher.

Students meet in their Pastoral Groups at the start of each day, and for a longer period once a week. In this time administrative matters are dealt with and friendly interaction, sometimes formal and at other times informal, takes place between group members. All staff are involved in the Pastoral System, most as Pastoral Teachers.

Overall, the Pastoral Care Network seeks to provide the support necessary to assist in the Christian formation of all young people at the College as we endeavour to help each individual live the College motto - Luceat Lux Vestra : Let Your Light Shine.

House Shields

Throughout the year, points are earned that contribute to the four minor shields - Academic, Sport, Community and Creative Arts. The overall Champion House is then determined by the overall points earned across these four categories, with the announcement for the winning Houses made at Presentation Night. There is strong competition within the Houses with students vying to gain points in the many activities, events or competitions that are held throughout the year that contribute to the four minor shields. Many of these events are colourful, exciting and competitive but all are undertaken in a great spirit of unity and celebration.