Pastoral Care: Welfare

On entering the Nagle College community, each student is placed into one of our seven Houses. Within each House we have six Pastoral Groups. Students are entrusted to the care of a Pastoral Teacher whose main role is to support the student within the Pastoral Care System. The Pastoral Groups are organised vertically. This vertical program offers care and the opportunity to develop responsibility and leadership skills.

The House System at Nagle College provides support and many opportunities to the student, ranging from sport to community service and charitable fundraising to personal and spiritual development. The Pastoral Teacher is charged with a special duty of care and is the first ‘port of call’ for parental contact in terms of transfer of information and disciplinary matters. In addition, the Pastoral Teacher is able to offer assistance to the student on academic and welfare matters. Pastoral Teachers work in cooperation with the House and School Co-ordinators.

Student Counsellors

In addition to support offered through the House System, the College provides student counselling for students who have need of such services for issues covering personal, academic and general school concerns. The Counsellors advocate for the individual students and liaise on their behalf with teachers and parents, with the student’s consent. External community agencies may also be involved for specific information or referral as appropriate. The Counsellors have a defined role in the Nagle College Critical Incident Management Policy.

Student Services

Nagle College operates a Student Reception (located in the Administration Wing). All student enquiries are directed to Student Reception who deal with:

  • Late arrivals to school
  • Early departures from school
  • Bus information
  • Messages between parents and students
  • First Aid
  • Excursion notices