New Uniforms


The term 'uniform' at Nagle College refers to all aspects of clothing, jewellery and general appearance. It is an expectation that all students wear their uniform correctly at all times. The reasons for a College Uniform are:

  • to build a sense of identity and pride in the community - a sense of belonging;
  • to reduce costs, in the long term, for parents (ie students not having to compete with each other in fashions)
  • to minimise class distinction (ie family's financial situation)
  • to assist with training for the workforce - employers are increasingly more concerned with the 'whole person' rather than just their qualifications


It is expected that students will present for school in a neat and tidy manner, displaying pride in the College uniform. The College has clear expectations with regard matters such as hair, make up and jewellery, which are clearly provided in the Information for Families Booklet. The Uniform Policy is enforceable outside of school hours whenever the student elects to wear their uniform in public.

Full details of the College Uniform Guidelines can be downloaded on this page.

Uniform Stockists

For the purpose of ensuring correct uniform, purchases are to be made in Bairnsdale from our authorised stockist Nick's Clothing, Main Street, Bairnsdale.

Nagle College has a Second Hand Uniform Shop that operates on the second Tuesday of each month from 1 to 4 pm.

For the latest Uniform Price List visit Nick's Clothing website.