School Uniform Regulations

Reasons for College Uniform

a) To build a sense of identity and pride in the community - a sense of belonging.

b) To reduce costs, in the long term, for parents (ie students not having to compete with each other in fashions)

c) To minimize class distinction (i.e. family’s financial situation)

d) Training for workforce. Employers are increasingly more concerned with the “whole person” rather than their qualifications only.

Uniform Regulations

The term “uniform” refers to all aspects of clothing, jewellery and general appearance.

Every student is required to attend school and school functions in the regulation uniform.

Students are expected to strictly adhere to the uniform requirements. Alternative colours and/or styles of uniform are not permitted. Students are not allowed to wear other visible items of clothing with their uniform. It is an expectation that all students will wear the uniform correctly sized and in good condition. Personal presentation is regarded as an important component of self-discipline and is given great emphasis. The Uniform Policy is enforceable outside of school hours whenever the student elects to wear their uniform in public.

Students wearing incorrect uniform must present a letter of explanation from a parent or guardian to the relevant Coordinator. Students who do not have a letter of explanation for wearing an incorrect item of uniform will be issued with a ‘bluey’. A ‘bluey’ is a uniform or appearance infringement that will result in disciplinary action for the student.

All students wear a House Sports Top during their sport lessons, as well as black Nagle College sport shorts or plain black leggings (female students). These items are compulsory for all Nagle College students.

During Terms 1 and 4 the summer uniform is to be worn. Senior girls may choose to wear either the summer dress or winter skirt with the summer shirt, depending upon the weather. Skirts and dresses are to be worn no more than 3cm from the knee. No other visible items of clothing will be permitted. All students must wear the Nagle hat during the summer terms.

During Terms 2 and 3 the winter uniform is to be worn. All students are required to wear the College tie when wearing the winter uniform. Girls are to wear the winter skirt or Nagle College Charcoal Grey Dress Pants winter shirt and tie. Black tights may be worn during the winter terms only.

Slip Slop Slap Policy: In line with our Sun Safe Policy, hats are compulsory for all students whenever they are outdoors during Terms 1 and 4. This includes during sport lessons, recess and lunchtimes. Black sun hats are available from the supplier. All students are strongly encouraged to also wear sunscreen and sunglasses when outdoors.

Hair: For health and safety reasons, students’ hair should be clean, well-groomed and off the face. Students (boys and girls) with shoulder length or longer hair must have their hair tied back at all times. Hairbands, ribbons and/or hair ties are to be black only. No other form of decoration (eg beads) should be worn in the hair. Students are not permitted to dye their hair unnatural colours nor are they permitted to have extremes of fashion. The College reserves the right to adjudicate on both the state of cleanliness and on the style of a student’s hair and, if necessary, request that alterations be made. Boys are to be clean shaven.

Jewellery: Students, male and female, may wear one plain silver or gold stud or small sleeper in the lobe of each ear. No other styles of earrings or visible piercings are permitted. Students are permitted to wear a small religious pendant or crucifix around the neck. Students may wear a wristwatch and a medical bracelet or pendant if required. No other jewellery is permitted and will be confiscated until the end of term if worn.

Tattoos: Tattoos are not to be visible when students are wearing the Nagle College uniform.

Make-Up: Students are not permitted to wear make-up of any kind or nail polish during school hours or whilst wearing school uniform outside of school hours.

College Backpack: All students are expected to use the Nagle College backpack to carry books and personal requisites to and from school. Backpacks are to be kept clean and in good repair at all times. Non-Nagle backpacks must not be used.

Footwear: Black leather lace up school shoes (for girls and boys), or leather dress shoes (for boys) are to be worn during school hours and whenever the school uniform is worn. All shoes must be of an approved style. Footwear should be polished regularly and be well maintained. Basketball boots, skate shoes or other types of sports or casual shoes are not permitted.

Blazers: The Nagle College Blazer is a compulsory winter uniform item for all senior students (Years 10 to 12). Senior students are expected to wear the College blazer to all classes with the exception of technology or sport during Terms 2 or 3. In addition, Senior students are expected to wear the College blazer to formal occasions such as College Masses, School Photos and Presentation Night unless otherwise advised by the Principal or Deputy Principal Pastoral. Wearing of the Blazer during Terms 1 and 4 (summer uniform) remains optional. Year 12 students are able to wear their Nagle College Year 12 Jacket in place of their blazer with the exception that the blazer must still be worn to all formal College events including School Photos. The Nagle College blazer remains an optional item for all Junior students.