Nagle staff pushes for Lifeline

Between 1 and 25 June, 14 Nagle staff members will be taking part in The Push-up Challenge to raise funds for Lifeline Australia.

Amanda Vowell

Marketing Officer


The push-up challenge was initiated by Mr Aiden Giove, a Core and Health & PE teacher at the College, and quickly grew to a team of 14 staff. Participants could select different daily push-up targets, ranging from 25% (38 pushups/day) to 100% (151 pushups/day).

Additionally, variations and alternatives to fit in with people’s abilities were welcomed and encouraged.

“Over 25 days, I will be aiming to complete as many of the 3,318 push-ups as possible. This number represents how many people lost their lives to suicide in 2019. This is a cause close to my heart. I’m pushing for Lifeline so no one has to face their darkest moment alone,” said Mr Giove.

Within the first week of the Challenge, Nagle’s team had completed just shy of 10,000 push-ups and achieved 75% of their fundraising goal. To track their progress or to make a donation please visit:

As a catholic school, Nagle instils in its staff and students the importance of caring for and service to others together with a genuine want to make our world a better place. Nagle staff are leading by example and supporting a wonderful mental health initiative while living out the College motto “Let Your Light Shine”.

“I’d like to thank everyone greatly for joining a great cause: Mrs Andrea Savage, Mrs Bethany Dunbar, Miss Celeste Campagna, Mrs Katy O’Rourke, Ms Lauren Hollingsworth, Miss Meg McCallum, Ms Megan Quirke, Mrs Pauline Settle, Ms Robyn Wayside, Mr Roland Adkins, Mrs Rosie Colvin, Mr Tom Sherring and Miss Tracey Lucas,” said Mr Giove.