Nagle students participate in ACER Global Challenge

Nagle was pleased to see 23 Year 8 students participate in the inaugural ACER Global Challenge which allowed students to stretch their knowledge beyond the classroom.

The Challenge was designed for high-achieving students in Years 4, 6 and 8. It assesses their performance in mathematics, reading and science and compares it with outstanding students from around the world.

Students who achieved a Credit or higher were presented their certificates at a College assembly on 22 June. Certificates are awarded to the participants in each of the areas based on their overall performance. Highest achievers in each area are awarded medallions.

Nagle was pleased to see several students excel in multiple areas.

Certificates are awarded at 5 levels with students receiving certificates ranging from Participation to High Distinction with Honours

  • A credit places students in the top 50% of participants
  • A Distinction in the top 25% of participants
  • A High Distinction in the top 10 % of participants
  • A High Distinction with Honours in the top 2% of participants

Congratulations are extended to the following students on their achievements

Izaak AlleaumeDistinction – Science

High Distinction – Maths
High Distinction – Reading

Ramona Bady – CamplbellDistinction – Science
High Distinction – Reading
Alex BinksDistinction – Mathematics
Tully CasementCredit – Reading
Hayden CrottyCredit – Mathematics
Credit – Science
Distinction – Reading
Elizabeth GrayDistinction – Science
Alek HawtinCredit – Mathematics
Credit – Reading
Credit – Science
Mikayla HollandCredit – Science
Laura JennionCredit – Reading
Credit – Science
Grace McKennaDistinction – Mathematics
High Distinction – Reading
High Distinction with Honours – Science
Ellie SmealCredit – Reading
Trinity ThompsonDistinction – Science
Bailey WebsterDistinction – Mathematics
Distinction – Science
High Distinction with Honours – Reading

Nagle would especially like to congratulate Grace McKenna who was the top performing student at Nagle, and Bailey Webster who was the second-highest performing student. Both Grace and Bailey acheived a High Distinction with Honours, placing them in the top 2% for that category.

Nagle hopes to participate in 2023 and encourage all students to work to the best of their ability so they too might be nominated.