Nagle has a long, proud history of providing excellence in music education. Our Instrumental Music Program offers all students the opportunity to learn an instrument and to participate in school bands. Our lessons cater for all abilities, from beginners to those who are more proficient. Committed music tutors plan and deliver weekly lessons, targeting and challenging each student’s ability.

Learning a musical instrument teaches our students more than music. Memory capacity and listening skills improve, our students demonstrate greater organisation and time management skills, their ability to work as a team increases and their perseverance results in a strong sense of achievement. Additionally, lasting social networks are built that enhance College life – students enjoy the musical and social aspects of Being Part of the Band.

"I enjoy the community feeling that being a part of a band brings."

Nagle bands and ensembles consist of students across all year levels. Together students develop new skills and are encouraged and supported by their peers as they play music together. Our bands and ensembles rehearse weekly and perform regularly both at school and to the wider community. Traditional and contemporary music styles are included in the program. The Instrumental Music Program provides a friendly supportive environment from all involved and holds an important place in our College culture.

We encourage students to join the Instrumental Music Program, and ‘Be Part of the Band’.

Expression of Interest Form

Instruments on offer include: Trombone, Saxophone, Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet, Euphonium, Bass Guitar, Guitar, Piano, Drum Kit and Percussion. Students may choose to hire an instrument within the program (brass and woodwind instruments are currently available without hire fee). It is strongly recommended that parents consult with music staff for details and assistance regarding the purchase of any instrument.

Lessons cater for both beginners and continuing students. They are held during school time on a rotational timetable as small groups, shared or individual. Students typically receive eight 40 minute lessons each term. Fees vary depending on instrument selection, group lesson size and bursary (if awarded). For this reason fee information will be advised once an ‘Expression of Interest’ form is lodged to the College Music Department.

Once basic musical skills have been gained there is an expectation that the student will join a school band. The music teacher and band leader will assist in timing this transition, which happens very early in their musical journey. Students then begin to further develop instrumental skills along with teamwork and performance craft. Nagle Music runs a variety of bands which typically rehearse once a week either during lunchtimes, after school, or alternate weeks as a ‘Band Lesson’. The bands perform regularly at school and to the wider community.

These Bands currently include: Nagle Showband; Next Generation Band; Intermediate and Senior Concert Band; Guitar Band(s); Tunes Band. A free town bus service is provided to support after school rehearsals.

To balance our ensembles we require a suitable mix of instruments. I am pleased to announce that continuing in 2021 Nagle will allocate a limited quantity of music bursaries for students who take up a particular brass or woodwind instrument. To be considered please tick the box ‘I wish to apply for a Bursary’ on the ‘Expression of Interest Form’ and select the instrument preference(s). Group lessons on these instruments further lower the costs. As an added stimulus Nagle Music will offer the allocation/use of these instruments in 2021 with no hire fee! This provides a very economical way for students to be involved in our music program.

Students who enjoy singing are encouraged to join the Nagle singing ensemble. The group is usually established to suit a particular function or event and as such performs regularly at school assemblies, masses and supports the instrumental performances at many functions. Students who are interested are to make themselves known to our music staff. No fees are involved.

During the school year the Music Program embarks on a number of activities including:

  • Lunchtime Concerts for fellow students and staff
  • Support and performances for School Assemblies, Masses and Liturgies
  • Community Festivals, Concerts and Events
  • Combined School Concerts/Workshops
  • Performances with the Drama and Visual Arts Departments
  • Annual Music Concert (Bands and VCE music), Annual Guitar Concert, Annual Piano Concert
  • Music Tour – performing to, and participation in, workshops with communities throughout Victoria and interstate.