Students at Nagle College have opportunities to develop their leadership potential. Student Leadership allows students to broaden their talents with the support of their peers and our Deputy Principal – Pastoral. Student leaders positively contribute to their College community by working collaboratively and drawing influence from the Gospel values on which we are founded.

Student leadership at Nagle College is designed to:

  • Develop the leadership potential of our students.
  • Promote a culture of leadership and service within the student body.
  • Enable our students to contribute to the life of the College and the wider community.
  • Foster leadership in the junior years and provide a process which mentors our younger students to develop their leadership skills and capacities.
  • Introduce a Student Council to enable more students to participate in the formal positions of leadership.
  • Strengthen the link between Student Leaders and House leaders.

Applications for student Leadership (House Captains, Student Leadership Action Team, Year 8 Oratory) are available in Term 3 each year. Year 7 Oratory applications are distributed to all Year 7 students in Term 1. If you would like to learn more about Student Leadership opportunities please contact our Deputy Principal – Pastoral or read the Student Leadership Brochure.

Student Leadership Brochure

"Being appointed the role of House Captain has provided new and exciting opportunities for me to develop as a person."

2024 Bosco Junior House Captain

2024 Student Leadership Action Team

The College Student Leadership Action Team at Nagle College is the most senior group of Student Leaders. This group demonstrates leadership across all aspects of College life, represents the College at school and community events, coordinates and runs events and supports the College ethos at all times.

College Captains: Lucinda Hurley and Thomas Greer

College Vice Captains: Alivia Chila and Harry Kool

Faith and Justice Captains:
Maggie Anderson and Banjo Jackson

Music/Arts Captains: Mia Chapman and AJ Manuell

Sport Captains:
Antje Kempff and Ashlin O'Neill

Academic Captains:
Charlotte Bingley and Lucy McGuinn

Environment Captains:
Ella Groves and Peter Tink