Nagle College has a mission to instill in our students the necessary self-belief, knowledge and skills to meet life’s future challenges. We do this through the provision of a diverse curriculum which delivers a quality educational experience. The richness of this experience is largely a function of our available resources.

To meet our financial commitments in providing our diverse curriculum, infrastructure and support services, we charge families a tuition fee. Fees are set to meet the costs not covered by government grants. Our fees are set with the expectation that all families who are able to pay fees, do so by the due date. In line with our Mission Statement and commitment to the charism of St John Bosco, no student will be disadvantaged in seeking enrolment because of their family’s financial circumstances.

For full details of the current School Fees, including costs, inclusions, exclusions and available concessions, please refer to the School Fee Structure.

School Fee Structure