Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care is at the heart of everything we do at Nagle College. We endeavour to support and nurture the spiritual, intellectual, social, and physical wellbeing of our students so that they become, in the words of St John Bosco, “good Christians and honest citizens”.

Pastoral Heart

As a Catholic school in the Salesian Tradition, our pastoral care is underpinned by the Preventive System of Don Bosco. The Preventive System encourages positive behaviour in students through reason, religion and loving kindness. We pride ourselves on providing students with a safe, supportive and enriching environment in which they can achieve their potential. We do this by:

  • supporting the needs of all our students
  • encouraging worthwhile learning
  • promoting a sense of belonging
  • demonstrating genuine concern for the well-being of all students and staff

Nagle students are encouraged to demonstrate Respect, Responsibility and Excellence at school, in their natural environment and within the broader community. We believe every member of the College community has a right to be treated with dignity and respect.

Our Positive Behaviour Support Policy was developed in consultation with staff and students. It endeavours to promote positive behaviour within our school which, as indicated by research, increases student engagement and improves academic outcomes.

Positive Behaviour Support Policy



Nagle College is pleased to offer a valuable resource called SchoolTV to Nagle families. Parenting can be both challenging and rewarding. SchoolTV is a support resource for parents to address a variety of issues related to raising children, including student wellbeing, anxiety, technology, depression, positive parenting and more.

Each online edition addresses a major topic with expert interviews, fact sheets, a parent quiz, recommended apps, books and more. SchoolTV combines information from a host of reliable resources, including BeyondBlue and ReachOut. It provides a single stream of independent factual information that saves parents time and the confusion of searching across multiple online sites for information.

You can access the SchoolTV archive at Nagle publishes a variety of specialised topics via our fortnightly newsletter, PAM, and Facebook page.

Counselling Services

Counselling services are available to any student who needs support with personal, academic or general concerns. Our Counsellors advocate on behalf of the student and, with the student's consent, liaise with teachers and parents/guardians to help resolve underlying issues. At times, and as required, we may contact external agencies to obtain additional information or referrals.

Student Reception

Student Reception, located in the Administration Wing, manages all student or parent/guardian enquiries relating to:

  • Late arrivals to/early departures from school
  • Bus information
  • Messages between families and students
  • First aid

Child Safety

The care, safety and wellbeing of our students is a central and fundamental responsibility of our school. Nagle College has a zero tolerance for child abuse and is committed to protecting children from all forms of abuse. Our child protection responsibilities are of the utmost importance. To this effect, we have implemented a comprehensive child protection program designed to keep children safe. We are committed to maintaining a child safe culture by remaining compliant with all relevant child protection laws and regulations.

Statement of Commitment to Child Safety

Child Protection and Safety Policy

Staff Code of Conduct

CEO Sale Child safety Information and complaints resolution process

Please direct any questions relating to child safety matters to our Child Safety Officers – Mr Doug Doherty, Principal or Deputy Principal – Pastoral, Mr Steve Dunning – on 5152 6122.