Year 7 Camp

Transitioning from primary school to secondary school is an exciting, albeit challenging, time in a student’s life which is why Nagle College prioritises activities that are engaging, fun, and promote teambuilding in the first few weeks of school.

Amanda Vowell

Marketing Officer


When asked how the transition to secondary school has been so far, the student responses were diverse. Some saw the ‘size’ of the College as an opportunity to get to know more people and make friends, while others were overwhelmed. But all students said this one thing made their transition easier: camp.

Under ‘normal’ circumstances, Year 7s attend Camp at Lake Tyers within the first few weeks of Term 1. While this was the case for four of our Year 7 classes, three classes were delayed until 21-23 April due to a snap State-wide COVID-19 lockdown at the end of February.

Cooking on trangia

Year 7 camp provides students with an opportunity to bond with their Core class and teachers. Time spent together with friends was a common theme among students.

“The best thing about camp was that I got to spend time with friends,” said Eve.

Camp also allows students to experience new educational opportunities they may not have otherwise had.

“Something that was new for me was learning and about and making Koorie Art,” said Chloe.

“I had never cooked on a trangia before. It was cool,” said Ollie and Hayden.

Students participate in a range of activities such as adventure and orienteering, indigenous activities, fishing, raft building, canoeing and bush walking.