Celebrating the class of 2021

Nagle College congratulates the class of 2021 on the successful completion of their secondary schooling.

College Captains' Address

By Duncan Fisher

We gather today to celebrate the graduation of the class of 2021, we all appreciate you being here to celebrate it with us and would like to thank you.

Some of you will know me well enough to know I’m into my fishing. This year I got REALLY into fishing. Fishing is called fishing and not catching because usually, you do that - spend most of the time fishing and not catching. Unfortunately. Likewise; the journey we are all on is education and not graduation, it’s about the connections we make along the way, whether that’s with teachers, tutors or friends and the memories we make with them.

Despite my surname I don’t come from a family that fishes. For me a big part this journey was learning to ask for help when I needed it, going to tackle shops, speaking to the old bloke on the jetty or, if I was really desperate, Charlie; slowly building up my knowledge. And to be honest, it’s a lot like Year 12. If you want to increase your chances for success take every opportunity and use every resource handed to you.

A lot of fishing is just fishing and a lot of education is just education. It’s not your Year 12 exams and it’s not getting your ATAR. I know for many of us it’s all about the journey. Alongside the curriculum, the conversations we have and the places we go with these conversations make experiences that set us up for the future.

To the younger year levels - to those of you who are listening - my only advice would be to take it seriously but not too seriously. Have time to breathe, or fish, and enjoy the journey. Finally remember that if COVID has taught us anything it is that if things change that are outside of our control “it is what it is” and you’re in control of you.

On one last important note - thank you to the parents, the mates, the family, the family friends and the teachers and tutors who picked us up when we were down and always pushed us to do our best. Without their never-ending support, I’m sure I can speak for most of us when I say, we wouldn’t have made it this far without them and for that we are grateful.

By Ellen Pini

I am shocked at how similar my first day of prep and my last day of Year 12 are. I began my education crying my little heart out. And I will end my education crying my little heart out. In prep it was because I was scared of change and how different school would be to kindergarten, in year 12 its because still because of change and how scary the future seems.

We have spent the past 13 years in a comfortable routine and now we have to step into the adult world and use critical thinking for once. The world outside of school is an adventure waiting to happen. And, yes, I know some of us don’t even know what path we are going to take, because of course, “you don’t know what you don’t know”. But I am willing to bet that not a single one of us will take the same path. We may stay friends and family for a little while longer, but a new life awaits as, and as Ferris Bueller once said “Life Moves Pretty Fast. If You Don’t Stop And Look Around Once In A While, You Could Miss It.” Even though we may go our separate ways we still have the memories of our time together, I am more than grateful for each and every one of you, making this high school experience the best it could have been.

As superhero and imaginary friend, Lavagirl, once said “Everything that is or was began with a dream”. Our dreams are our future. Our dreams of becoming doctors and saving lives. our dreams of becoming artist and spreading colour and culture throughout out communities. Our dreams of becoming teacher and guiding future generations into the world that we will have gifted them. Our dreams of becoming politicians and taking a holiday to Hawaii.

I can’t even imagine what we have put our poor parent through these past two years. Online learning is hard enough, but to do it in year 12?!?! Our parents have had to put up with breakdowns, mood swings and late late nights, and for their patients I say thank you. Our teachers have had to deal with our overdue tasks, our missing assessments, and our bad Wi-Fi. Their tolerance and encouragement have kept us going. And we could not have done this without you.

I want to give a shout out to the class of 2021. we have experienced the “year like no other” two years in a row and have still triumphed. I want you to remember this; no matter how you feel about your SACs, how you feel about your exams or if you are a VCAL kid, you need to know that I am proud of you. No matter what.

My final thank you is to Duncan, who made this challenging year less difficult with his iconic banter and sometimes not so helpful advice.

If I could give you any advice for the future, it would be this; “it is what it is”.